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Is your relationship struggling?  Do you know the problem, but don't seem to be able to do anything about it?  Are you close to parting?  Now may be the time to invest in couples counseling. 

You wouldn't run your car forever without a tune-up or adding oil - even good, healthy relationships can need maintenance and repair!

Before you file for divorce and spend thousands of dollars parting, doesn't it make sense to see if there is any chance of making things good enough to stay?

I have 15+ years experience providing couples counseling, using a short-term, strength-based, cognitive-behavioral style that helps partners determine their needs and stays focused on practical solutions for change.   I use materials adapted from the work of John Gottman,  and try to focus more on the present and future than the past. 

Couples often make agreements and learn new relationship skills by using readings, handouts, worksheets, and open discussion.   Each person needs to do self-tests and prepare so that time in session is productive. 

Common topics couples discuss are:

• parenting and step-parent or blended family adaptation
• work and financial issues
• intimacy and sexual issues
• past abuse and how it's affecting the current couple
• drug and alcohol use, abuse and addiction
• mental health concerns

It takes most couples 3-6 weekly sessions to evaluate their issues and make positive changes. 

$50 preliminary consultation for each person

$100 per hour, joint appointments are scheduled for 90-minutes ($150)

DISCOUNTED  PRE-PAID SERIES - up to 4 joint appointments for $500. 

TO START:  contact me by email or phone - I can send you a packet by email or US mail with more information.