for custody & parenting time decisions at separation

MEDIATION OF PARENTING PLANS for non-married parents

MEDIATION AFTER DIVORCE for changes in parenting plans

FAMILY MEDIATION for disputes about placement of elders, grandparent access rights, step-parents

Pre-, During, and Post Divorce
Legal and Informal Separations
Non-married parents
Custody and Parenting Plans
Financial Issues of Divorce

Private mediation services can provide a confidential, discrete atmosphere where you can discuss all aspects of divorce, custody and finances. 
I am recognized as an international expert in the field of family mediation, and have over 20 years experience here in Oregon helping families restructure their parenting and property. 

I use an interactive style, and let participants make their own decisions, guiding them by  providing information and support for difficult choices. 

You can mediate before you consult attorneys and file court documents, or after legal papers have been filed with the court.  Parties who are tired of the legal battles often find that mediation can help them find a way that is acceptable to all.  

Mediation can also be used for post-divorce or separation issues, and for non-married parents who need to organize their parenting understandings.

It usually takes 2-6 sessions to develop issues, find alternatives and make agreements.    

All mediation communication is confidential, and the mediator does not testify in court. 

When both parents agree and may find the information could be helpful, Alison can meet with the children to understand their needs and bring back important information.

At the end of mediation, you receive a written Mediated Agreement, which is not a confidential document, and which may be given to attorneys and incorporated into the legal process and papers.  

I usually provide services to those who will file in Multnomah or Washington County. 

We can use Skype to video-conference for parents who live far away. 

$50 preliminary consultation for each person

$100 per hour, joint appointments are 90-minute  ($150)

DISCOUNT for PRE-PAID series of up to 4 joint appointments - $500

TO START:  contact me by email or phone - I can send you a packet with more information.