Consultation and Supervision

I can provide informal consultation and formal supervision for those seeking it for their initial Parent Coordination (PC) and domestic relations mediation cases, as required under the 2010 SFLAC Guidelines for PC's, and the ODJ minimum qualifications for court-connected mediators. 

I had my original training in counseling supervision (30 hours) in 1991-92, and took an update course at PSU 10 years later. 

I have also taught the 30 hour Clinical Counseling Supervision class to professionals (LCSW's, LPC's and MFT's) at Lewis & Clark's MFT program in 2004-05.   This class was designed to help those who would be providing supervision to students during their graduate practicum field placement, but we also covered the rules regarding the OBLPCT's Registered Intern program, for those who are receiving post-graduate supervision for licensure.

I can do on-site oversight, or email and phone consultation on your cases. 

When jurisdictions are thinking of adding or changing their mediation or other court services, I can consult to set up the system.

If you are interested in counseling or mediation supervision, please email me.