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I am available to take a new case - while I prefer Washington County cases, I will consider a Multnomah County case. 

If you are interested, please contact me by email, so I can send you a packet of information by email attachment. 

After Divorce
High-conflict Families
Long-distance Parenting post-divorce 
Skype or email to facilitate plans and prevent problems
Parent coordination is a new type of service offered for high-conflict families, when judges feel that they need an active professional involved to reduce conflict and solve problems before having to go back to court.  

Parent Coordinators are informal decision-makers for the family, meeting with parents and children as needed.  Once assigned by the court, they provide continuity and help reduce damage from constant disputes.  Parent Coordinators are used as the first resource when  families need to change parenting time, schedules, or have concerns, avoiding constant re-litigation and benefiting the children by  reducing continuing parental conflict 

Parents and their attorneys must agree to use this service, and there must be a specific court appointment for Alison to be the Parent Coordinator prior to starting services.  Parents attend an initial preliminary consultation, then attend individual and joint sessions as needed.  Payment is made as services are used.

Sometimes work can be done by phone and email, rather than standard office sessions, after the initial in-person sessions.   When parents live far away from each other, or if there is no other Parent Coordinator in your area, working this way can make it possible. 

I follow the current Oregon Statewide Guidelines for Parent Coordinators, as well as the AFCC national standards and guidelines.  Sessions are set as requested by either of the parents, the child, or by the PC. 

 There are several things that must be done before I can start as a PC :

1.      Each person must attend a solo preliminary Consultation appointment (this can be done by a scheduled telephone appointment when distance is a factor). 

2.      There must be an order of the court authorizing me to serve as a Parent Coordinator.   A copy must be sent to me before I will set any joint appointment.   The order must specify the following:

  • When the PC role starts, the frequency of services, and when it will end
  • Who is financially responsible for payment of charges and fees
  • To what extent I can make recommendations that must be followed
  • Whether I can meet directly with the child(ren), and/or the child’s therapist, and have access to the earlier evaluations and other information (requires signed authorizations). 
  • That the parents will allow me access to their joint and/or individual therapists and their records, and any recent evaluations, by signing releases of information prior to starting. 
  • What level of communication I should have with the court, and what will happen if one or both of the parents or the child(ren) will not cooperate, attend or pay. 

3.      Each parent  must agree to and sign my forms including:
  • Client Intake Self-Report Form
  • Disclosure and Agreement For Parent Coordination Services
  • Fees and Payment Agreement
  • Security Deposit Agreement
  • Authorization to Use and Disclose Information (PC ROI) – make sure there is a separate ROI for each professional you or the child(ren) have seen in the past or are now seeing.

Parent Coordination can take the child out of the middle, and prevent upsetting delays or confusion in setting routine schedules and dealing with unusual circumstances that require changes.   It is often cheaper and faster than going to court.

2015 FEES:

$1000 per person Security Deposit must be paid by each client before starting

Clients are invoiced their amounts after services, and invoices sent by email.
$50 preliminary consultation (one for each parent)
$100 per hour for solo appointments, $150 for joint appointments (which is often split by the parents, based on the court order).   

Work done by email or phone will be charged as $25 Brief Contacts for 30 minutes or less, or$100 for Extended Contacts of 30 + minutes.   

Other fees may apply - see my current Fee Policy and Agreement form. 

TO START, please email or call me.