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Custody & Parenting Disputes
Elder Care Disputes
Educational Disputes

Collaborative Evaluation-Mediation is a process developed and recommended by the Oregon Family Institute (OFI) to help courts and families when mediation or other methods will not work to resolve the issues.  Like traditional custody evaluations, it provides a written report that is admissible in court, but unlike most evaluations, it is child centered, written from the perspective of the factors that the judge must use to make a determination (rather than psychological orientation), and it focuses on the strengths of the parents and the needs of the child.  The written report includes a detailed parenting plan that outlines how each parent should have access to the child.

While it is most often used for disputes regarding custody and parenting time, it can also be used for family disputes regarding the needs, placement and finances of seniors or persons with disabilities, and for disputes about educational needs and placement. 

CEM includes two phases:

1.  A comprehensive evaluation and written report (approximate 20 hours)
•    Fast scheduling -  6-8 weeks total time
•    Office interviews of all parties, and written self-reports
•    Home visits in the actual environments in question
•    Collateral contacts with other professionals
•    Additional testing (drug & alcohol, mental health) if needed
•    Travel to other areas if needed
•    Includes a specific plan for schedules
•    Written report to parties & attorneys, which may be used in court

2.  A mediation session with a mediator, the parties and their attorneys
•    Evaluator attends briefly to answer questions
•    High settlement rate - often no trial needed
•    Testifying in court only if needed

Participants are encouraged to settle at any time, and may withdraw prior to release of the written recommendations.  

Cost:  $2,000 ( includes 2 hr. mediation session) 
additional fees may apply if the evaluator is required to testify in court  or travel

Because each situation is unique, please contact me for more information.

I will send you an information packet with needed forms, and answer any questions you may have.