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Parent Coordination

AFCC Parent Coordination Standards - May 2005   click here

Oregon SFLAC 2010 Version
Guidelines for the Appointment and Training of of Parenting Coordinators, Custody Evaluators, and Parenting Time Supervisors   click here

Mediation Related

Oregon Revised Statutes, and decisions of OR Supreme Court -  
click here

Oregon Family Law website - Parenting Plans, links to CS other info - Click here

Oregon Mediation Association -
click here

AFCC Model Standards  - click here

Counseling Related

APA online - great articles, new research & links - click here

Personality test based on Jung/Myers-Briggs typology - click here

Self-Report measures of Adult attachment - Shaver & Fraley - click here

Child Trauma Academy - how children respond to threat - click here

Domestic Violence - Multnomah Co. DV Coordinator - local referrals- click here

Grief and loss for men - Tom Golden's site has articles - click here

Sexual addiction - Wendy Maltz's site, with great links to orgs - click here

The Gottman Institute - couples research and parenting - click here

Collaborative Evaluation-Mediation

Oregon Family Institute (OFI) website-  click here

AFCC Guidelines for Custody Evaluation - 2006 -  click here